The Tim Parkinson Story: A Year In The Life Of A West Country Lad: A Gay Erotic Drama

A young Joey!

Tim Parkinson and Maxwell Bogdanov were born two days apart. Tim is the only son of West Country tycoon Leo Parkinson, Maxwell the son of his Lithuanian live-in partner, Lauren. As children and while growing up, the pair never got along—a situation not helped by Leo’s hatred of them both, the reasons for this explained in the story. Thus, Tim was sent to live with Leo’s sister, Margaret, in the next village and has ended up working on a farm—while Maxwell, considered the brighter of the two, was packed off to a London boarding-school, and now works as a hot-shot lawyer.
Tom has a secret lover—Brian Yates, who works with him at the farm. On the rare occasions that Maxwell has returned to Devon, there have been fireworks between him and Tim when the posh-speaking Maxwell has mocked Tim for his Devon brogue and lack of education, and boasted about the sexual prowess of the girlfriend he has in London.
The animosity between Tim and Maxwell changes, however, in November 1980 when they celebrate their twenty-first birthdays. During a drinking spree, Tim tells Maxwell about Brian—and Maxwell confesses that his “girlfriend” was actually a man named Jack, who has recently died. He also confesses that his animosity towards Tim has been to camouflage the fact that he has always been attracted to him, but been afraid to make the first move, thinking that Tim was straight. Thus the pair become lovers, and head off for a romantic sojourn in Torquay. While they are here, Leo Parkinson dies suddenly and, rather than help out with the arrangements for the man they loathed and been seen as hypocrites, they decide to take a vacation. Before leaving, Tim goes to see Brian, ostensibly to end their relationship, but they end up having sex, after which Brian suffers a seizure.
Believing Brian to be dead, Tim panics—he and Maxwell head for London, where Maxwell has a flat, and there is more drama when they are caught up in a shooting at Maxwell’s bank. Maxwell is injured and taken to hospital, while Tim is questioned by dishy Irish detective Mike Riley, with whom he will enjoy a series of steamy romps. From here, there follows one drama after another—and more and more sexual adventures—until the surprising denouement which ends Tim’s story.

Once again, Joey Jenkinson has set his story in Devon, the county where he grew up and spent much of his youth. Once again, too, certain aspects/episodes of the story are based on his own adventures.