Joey Still Feeling Blue!: More Risqué Jokes & Anecdotes

A second volume of Joey's jokes! Some are dirty, some are filthy. Some you might get away with repeating to your partner's fussy mother, some will make you blanch. If you happen to be a hillbilly or a member of the clergy a religious institution, a working girl, or an elderly lady with a much younger, priapic husband, this might offend! Neither are Joe's jokes restricted to the wonderful world of being gay. Straight and bisexual people like to laugh too! Any resemblance between various Aussie spunks, the phenomenally-endowed Tarzan, the young but naive musician Jeremy, that 86-year old nymphomaniac, Mavis and Jim, the argumentative Maurice and Mildred, and the numerous hillbilly characters featured here is very definitely not coincidental. Joey's intention is not to titillate--you'll need one of his erotic dramas for this--just to hopefully make you titter. Honestly, these jokes are hilarious and great, but don't be drinking when you read them.

Contains adult themes.