Joey Feeling Blue!: Risqué Jokes & Anecdotes

In this book Joey is in a light-hearted mood, taking a break from his erotic gay novels to share his favourite jokes. Some are silly, some are filthy, some you wouldn't want your maiden aunt to hear. All adhere to political correctness. Of course, if you happen to be a member of the clergy or religious institution, a working girl or boy, or an elderly lady with a much younger priapic husband, this one might not be for you. Neither has Joey restricted his collection to the wonderful world of being gay. He adds that any resemblance between Aussie spunks Todd and Scott, Mike and Donny, the phenomenally endowed Tarzan, an 86-year-old nympho, Mavis and Jim, the argumentative Maurice and Mildred, and the various hillbilly characters is not coincidendal.

Contains adult themes.