Harry’s Story: An Old Oak Tree In Picardy : A Gay Erotic Psychological Drama

27-year-old London police sergeant Harry Sanford has had a crush on his French friend, Christophe Dubois, since a school exchange programme ten years ago. The problem is, Harry is gay and Christophe is straight and happily married. When Harry has sex with dishy 19-year-old offender Robbie King in a holding-cell, fearing that he has been sprung he takes emergency leave and heads for Christophe’s place, in Picardy. Here, he seeks a secluded spot wherein to relieve the sexual tension built up in the wake of seeing Christophe again, and is sprung by Jean-Pierre Dumont, a psychotic ex-convict who abducts him. Harry fights off his attacker, and leaving Dumont for dead in the woods steals his van and heads for Lille. Here he meets beautiful Belgian street-singer Arnaud, and the two embark of a passionate affair. They return to Christophe’s house to pick up Harry’s luggage and passport, only to find the place burned to the ground. When Harry finds himself at the centre of a French police investigation, Arnaud disappears. Thinking their relationship is over, Harry beds Enzo Armani, the handsome gendarme heading the enquiry—and also gets to take Christophe’s cherry before returning to England. The Dumont affair, however, is far from over, and for Harry there are more sexual thrills and shocks waiting just around the corner. To say more would spoil the storyline of this dramatic, profoundly erotic story.

Contains adult themes.