The Tawleigh Manor Mystery: A gay erotic whodunnit

Celebrity photographer Simon and rich-boy Andrew were lovers who lived together until four years ago, when they split up and Andrew moved with his family to South Africa. Now, Andrew is back in England, living at his parents’ Devonshire retreat, Tawleigh Manor. Out of the blue, he invites Simon down from Yorkshire in the hope of rekindling their flame.

At Tawleigh, Simon becomes intrigued with a 50-year-old murder mystery: in 1961, a socialite named Joseph Smart bought the house, turning it into a gay “den of iniquity” and shocking the local community—a phase which ended with a woman being found murdered in the cellar, Smart getting arrested, and subsequently escaping from prison to hang himself in one of the bedrooms.

No sooner has Simon been reunited with his lover than strange things begin happening to him. Does Joseph Smart still have a hold over the place from beyond the grave?

Entering the equation and succumbing to Simon’s charms—not to mention his obvious attributes—are Nick Baxter, a priapic local handyman—and Paul Bryant, a hunky young newspaperman who helps Simon with his investigation. But, are these sexy young men all that they seem? Does the sinister housekeeper, Jane Ruddock, know more than she it letting on? And why was Lily Gordon—the young maid who discovered Smart’s body—so quickly certified insane and ensconced in a psychiatric institution?

Will Simon solve “The Joseph Smart Mystery” as his life is increasingly put into more danger? And more importantly, will he survive to tell the tale?

Contains adult themes.