No Sad Songs For Me: A Gay Erotic Drama

Alex Nichols is a singer on London's folk circuit. Tall, blond, beautiful and muscular, he is a magnet for men, yet has only once been in love~with Paul, his former teacher who died tragically. When he meets Luke, a fan who has worhipped him from afar, he feels that he may have found the man of his dreams~and then an incident involving Alex's homophobic father forces them apart as they go on the run. Luke disappears into the night, while Alex heads for Paris where he hitches up with his former lover, Bernard. Still missing Luke terribly, he embarks on a career as a nightclub singer, seducing each man he encounters, including a gendarme investigating a murder enquiry in which Alex becomes a witness. It soom becomes evident that his life is in danger. Will he survive~and if so, will he be reunited with his beloved Luke? Joey Jenkinson's latest story contains all of his trademarks: drama and humour in equal measure, and generous helpings of steamy passion!

Contains adult themes.