Matt and Stuart's Continental Adventure: A Gay Erotic Romance

Things are looking bad for former sports master Matt Brandon, 34. He’s lost his job and his hiuse, divorced his wife, and is living in a rented flat in a tawdry part of an Exeter housing estate. Tormented by nasty neighbour Raymond Smart, he’s also missing his lusty rugger captain lover Jack Adams, who as an 18-year-old student seduced him four years ago. When Matt enrolls on an adult learning course at his local college, he hooks up with Aussie bad-boy Stuart Donovan. What Matt does not know is that Stuart has a criminal past, and that he has left Australia to evade capture by the police.

Together, Matt and Stuart head for London, and a series of adventures which will change their lives forever. Stuart meets closeted tennis ace Jeremy Grant, and also has a near-fatal encounter with Lukas, a Hungarian escort—while Matt falls for renowned French operatic tenor Logan Thomas, who is giving a series of recitals in the city. Life for the friends, however, is never plain sailing as they experience one drama after another. There are more problems with Raymond Smart when Matt returns to Exeter to tie up all the loose ends—and drama combined with more sexual shenanigans when he heads back to London and finds Logan temporarily hospitalised. Things turn out for the better, however, when the irascible Jack arrives back on the scene…

Contains adult themes