Lympstone, near Exmouth, as seen from the lake at Nutwell

Antoine of Burgundy

Edward IV

Dynham Chronicles 6, 7 & 8


The Dynham Chronicles: The Wars of the Roses As Recalled By A Devonshire Family: Chronicles 6, 7 & 8 1466-1468

Two years have passed, and the Dynham-Corbett-
Atkyn mariage à trois
 had been threatened by a proposal by King Edward that Dynham—at thirty-three, beyond the age at the time when lords were expected to be married—should marry Baroness Elizabeth Fitzwalter, the widow of the lord killed by Lancastrian insurgents on the eve of the battle of Towton. Dynham had one condition regarding the proposal, in that Elizabeth must accept Philip and Jed. She does this, and the trio get along—the only thorn in their side being her troublesome 15-year-old son, John Fitzwalter, who will cause problems for the couple throughout their marriage…
There is light relief when the Dynhams and their clan attend the famed Great Smithfield Tournament, a show of strength between Antoine, Bastard of Burgundy and the much-hated Anthony Woodville—and a prelude to the alliance which will see King Edward’s sister, Margaret, wed to the odious Charles, Duke of Burgundy. This will be Nicholas Carew’s final journey outside Devon, as his health continues to deteriorate.
And for Jed, now an established and integral member of the Dynham clan, comes a surprise which will change his life for ever…