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Dynham Chronicles 3-5


The Dynham Chronicles: The Wars of the Roses As Recalled By A Devonshire Family: Chronicles 3, 4 & 5 1461 -1464

In Chronicle 3, Dynham’s eldest sister, Margaret, recalls her first visit to the royal court at Westminster where, unbeknown to her and shortly after ascending the throne, Edward IV has made her a royal ward—and her fight with her brother, who is unaware that she is practically betrothed to Richard Atkyn.
Chronicle 4 is recalled by 20-year-old Nicholas Carew
—Margaret’s intended who is as against the royal wardship as she is. A young man in the early stages of consumption, he arrives at Nutwell dreading the prospects of an arranged marriage, and is taken ill before meeting Margaret—only to fall in love with her, and she him, after she nurses him back to health. The marriage is deferred when war-clouds gather in Northumberland, and Nicholas heads north with Dynham’s army. Here, Dynham learns that Philip is still alive, and they are reunited.
Chronicle 5 is told by Jed Corbett. He recalls Philip’s return to Nutwell and their sharing of Dynham’s affections. The chronicle closes with the Dynham-Carew wedding and a “spiritual brethren” same-sex ceremony conducted by the controversial and unorthodox family priest,