Dynham Chronicles 1 & 2


The Dynham Chronicles: The Wars of the Roses As Recalled By A Devonshire Family: Chronicles 1 & 2: 1459-1461

Chronicle 1, recalled by Dynham’s long-term lover Sir Philip Atkyn, covers the events leading up to the Battle of Blore Heath in September 1459, and its aftermath when Dynham escorted the rebel Yorkist lords, including the future Edward IV, to the safety of Nutwell, his ancestral home, then on to the Calais garrison. The Chronicle ends with Dynham fighting for his life after being injured during a raid on Sandwich, which paved the way for the Yorkists’ return to England.
Chronicle 2, recalled by Sir Philip’s brother, Richard, covers Dynham’s agonising recovery from his injuries, nursed by Jed Corbett, his lover whilst Philip is away campaigning. Richard speaks of his secret love affair with Dynham’s sister, Margaret. He fights alongside Warwick in the battle of Mortimer’s Cross, then receives news of the Yorkists defeat at Wakefield—and that Philip has been murdered away from the battlefield by James Butler, Earl of Wiltshire. Revenge comes after the battle of Towton, where the now-recovered Dynham saves the day, and when Butler escapes to Northumberland and Richard pursues him.
With illustrations and maps.