Edith Piaf: Her Songs & The Stories Behind Them Translated Into English: Volume One: The Polydor Years 1935-1945

During a career spanning almost thirty years, Edith Piaf was contracted to three record companies: Polydor, Decca and Pathé-Marconi. In all, she performed over 400 songs which were put down on shellac, vinyl, and tape, along with a large number of songs which were performed on the stage but not commercially released during her lifetime. Some may have been lost for ever, while others are sitting in the vaults, waiting to be discovered.
Volume One: The Polydor Years 1935 – 1945 covers all the songs that Piaf recorded for this company—all of them sung in French, as she was yet to become known well enough in the English-speaking world to be asked to record in this language. Many of them were performed in a curious Parisian argot which even some French-speaking fans find difficult to comprehend. These have all been translated into English by David Bret, known for his previous best-selling biographies of The Little Sparrow: The Piaf LegendPiaf: A Passionate Life, and Edith Piaf: Find Me A New Way To Die!
In addition to the translations, David Bret has included a potted biography of Piaf which links the songs, along with notes on their history, and full details of the composers, lyricists, orchestras and musicians associated with each song. There are also interviews which Bret conducted with some of the friends and associates that he shared with Piaf. These include Louis Dupont, the father of her first child; Fernand Lombruso, her first manager; friends Sylvie Galthier (the companion of the fantaisiste Marie Dubas) and Manouche (the former gangster’s moll); the composer Michel Émer; and the singers Damia and Serge Reggiani.

Contains illustrations and photographs from David Bret’s collection.