Five Tales of Twilight Wood And Lantern Town: Molly Mouse’s Garden/ Midsummer’s Eve /The Woeful Tale of Catherine Caterpillar/ Hetty Hedgehog’s Adventure/ Who Stole the Royal Lantern

Twilight Wood is a strange but enchanting place. Its edges are boggy, and there are lots of prickly brambles, stinging nettles and spiny yellow gorse bushes which protect its secrets from the outside world.
Let us enter it together, just this once. Let us scramble carefully through one of the gaps in the thicket and tread the narrow path leading towards the little stone stile…and, if we walk a little further, a crooked signpost.
To our left is Pigwidgeon Village, where the nasty goblins dwell. To our right is Lantern Town, the only part of Twilight Wood that ever sees daylight. This is a place where nothing is bad. There are no nasty creatures, giants or monsters—none of those silly people who laugh and say there is no such thing as make-believe.
The little dwellings in Lantern Town come in all shapes and sizes, and are made from anything the little folk have found and brought back from the outside world…There are lots of colourful old boots and shoes, plant pots, jam jars and boxes—even a battered copper kettle…There is the Town Hall, the Church, the Fire Station, the Corner Shop, the Post Office and the Ironmongers Shop. Everything, in fact, that you would find in your own town or village. Oh, and there is the Royal Palace, though the Queen is not as beautiful and kind as the little folk would like her to be.
So, let us enter Lantern Town. Let us get to know some of its inhabitants, and hear of their adventures. I rather think you will want to go there time and time again!