Divas: Barbra Streisand (Unanimous Press)

Publicity (2000)

No entertainer on this planet could have more discovered the Grammy Legend Award presented to Barbra Streisand in 1992. In a career spanning forty years she has sold over 120 million albums and her sixteen films have grossed $1.5 billion. She has figured ten times in the Top Ten Box Office Stars list. She has won two Oscars, a Tony, the London Drama Critics Award (for Funny Girl) in 1966, ten Golden Globes (more than any other star), six People's Choice awards, four Georgies, the New York Times Drama Critics' Poll (her first award) for I Can Get It For You Wholsale, four Emmys, and eight Grammys...to name but a few!

On and off the stage and screen, in or out of the studio, Barbra Streisand's musical achievements have been legendary. As an ambassadress and tireless campaigner for political and social issues, she reigns supreme. This is her story.