Chanson: A Story Of Forbidden Love Set During The German Occupation Of Paris (Novel: Dreamspinner Press)

Chanson tells the story of the French singer, Marcel—brooding, mysterious, rough and ready and from the wrong side of the tracks, he arrived in Paris in 1934 and was discovered singing in the streets by Gérard, one of the city’s most eminent impresarios. When the story opens it is 1944. Paris is under the Nazi jackboot and Marcel is the star attraction at Levalle’s, Gérard’s nightclub, the most fashionable in Paris. When Gérard is murdered, Marcel’s life falls apart. He ends his relationship with his girlfriend, and can no longer see his mistress because her soldier husband is home on leave. Then while trudging through the streets late one night after curfew, drunk and disorientated, he is picked up by Jurgen, a young German lieutenant. Initially their relationship is platonic. Jurgen is a pacifist. He hates the Hitlerian regime, but is obliged to follow its dictates. As the months pass, however, a deep bond develops between the two men as Marcel fights his demons to rebuild his shattered career—while the Liberation approaches, bringing triumph and tragedy in equal measure.