In Search Of The Discus Thrower

After being forced into marriage by his father, newly-divorced, wealthy Marty Davenport reflects on the men he cheated on his wife with: Valentin, the Latin stud he met on his honeymoon; Tom, his brother-in-law, for whom he is pining when he receives a call from Cole Ivanov, a Russian lover who runs a private detective agency. Cole asks him to find Jean-Pierre Sebastien—“The Discus Thrower”—on the run from the police. When Sebastien is murdered, Marty’s curiosity gets the better of him and he is soon involved with Sebastien’s lover, Luc. There follows several attempts on Marty's life, each one bringing a new lover into the equation: Paul, a loquacious Italian; Scott, the manager of the gay club owned by Sebastien; Joseph, the naïve Croatian barman; Laurence, cop investigating the case. The increasing danger Marty finds himself in only heightens each new sexual experience. In Joey Jenkinson’s hottest story so far, passion steams from every page! WARNING: contains adult themes of a sexual nature.