Play It Again, Mr Graves: A Gay Erotic Drama

Pianist Tom Graves witnesses a car crashing into a telephone box. Within is an injured man whose wallet identifies him as Michael McMullen—and a large amount of cash which Tom absconds with, intending to hand this in to the police. Sex with Will, the assistant from the store beneath his flat, delays him—by which time he finds out the man in the car was an impostor who has discharged himself from hospital. When the real McMullen and his wife are found dead, Tom and his actor lover, Jeff, heading for Dublin—he is obsessed with finding the injured man—and when Jeff is recalled to the set, Tom’s curiosity gets him involved in a murder enquiry. Despite the danger, his clothes do not stay on for long. When held hostage, such is his charm—along with his 6 foot 3 inch frame and other attributes—that he beds his captor, Richard O’Hara, the man who crashed the car. He also gets it on with horse-hung hotel receptionist Manuel, not what he seems—and with Ben, the cop investigating the case. WARNING: contains adult material of a sexual nature.