Nutwell, the Dynham's family seat near Exmouth.

How I perceive John, Lord Dynham to have looked.

The Dynham Chronicles: The Wars of the Roses As Recalled By A Devonshire Family: Chronicles 1 & 2: 1459-1461

John Dynham (1433-1501) rose from obscurity to become one of the key figures in the violent struggle for supremacy between the houses of York and Lancaster. His was a complex and unconventional personal life. Twice-married, but openly gay in his private circle, he survived the harsh reigns and dictates of three very different kings: Edward IV, of whom he was one of his closest friends—Richard III, whose regime he held responsible for the deaths of several loved ones, including his first wife—and Henry VII, the first Tudor king whom he secretly despised. His story and that of his family and adherents is one of compelling interest—sex, shady politics, tragedy and intrigue—and is vividly recounted in this series of chronicles covering the years 1459-1501.

Twelve volumes are proposed to be published (hopefully! by the end of 2023.