All About Yves

Yves Leclerc has it all: looks, wealth, a beautiful home in Bruges, an exciting playboy lifestyle. Then as he is about to be reunited with his soap-star lover, it all falls apart. Finding a call-girl's bag, he hands it in and is framed for her murder. Escaping from custody he goes in the run, crossing the border into Holland in search of clues to prove his innocence. Entering the equation and providing Yves with vital pieces to the puzzle...and lots of bedroom activity...are dishy American escort Danny West, who is having an affair with by Paul Gregory, a closeted but sympathetic cop involved with the investigation, and Mario Mancini, a handsome Italian entrepreneur with whom Yves falls in love. There is also a sub-plot involving moody Romanian painter Jeff Surka, who had slept with all the protagonists. It is his inadvertent involvement with the sleazier side of the Dutch porn industry, which provides the final link to the mystery. WARNING: this book contains adult material of a sexual nature.