Darvinz Of Zarumna: A Mythological Romance Of The Ancient World

Darvinz of Zarumna: A Mythological Romance of the Ancient World (English-language edition)

The land is imaginary,

The people are imaginary,

The age is uncertain,

The events may be true.

Much of the world has been destroyed by the gods. Darvinz, a boy from the Zarumna flatlands—regarded as a freak because of his unusual complexion, is chosen by the great God, Koizh, to redeem his race by embarking on a journey to find the lost city of Korazunta. His trials are many. In the Korun Desert he slumbers in the Pool of Ivos and seemingly attains manhood overnight, awakening a powerfully-built six-and-a-half-foot demi-god. Reaching the settlement of Zembora he is told to procreate with the last woman there, Colas, but also falls for Yannis, her beautiful brother. He finds Korazunta, ruled by the evil King Nataam, his exact double who sentences him to death. He is saved by Amaak, a rebel-leader whose people are held captive here. They become lovers and escape to Amaak’s mountain settlement to prepare an insurrection against Nataam—from which point it emerges that Darvinz is in effect the Chosen One, written about in the Sacred Scrolls, and himself a god.