George Formby Stage Play

A two-act musical play based on David Bret's best-selling biography, "George Formby: Troubled Genius". Here is the true story of the Lancashire comedian, he of the toothy grin, ukulele and risqué but catchy songs. George spent almost his whole life under a woman's thumb: dominated firstly by his cantankerous, copiously vulgar mother, Eliza...then by Beryl, his overbearing wife who treated him like an errant child, and who once had him committed to a mental institution, yet without whose nagging and shrewd business sense he would never have made it to the top. Thrown into the mix were his grasping siblings, the showgirls he slept with, his wartime exploits which showed him displaying remarkable courage in the face of adversity, his and Beryl's fight against apartheid in South Africa, and his declining health. And of course, those wonderful songs!